COIRLOC - All Natural Absorbent for Commercial and Industrial Spill Clean Ups

Spills Have Met Their Match!

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COIRLOC is a lightweight and easy to use ALL NATURAL absorbent made from coconut husks which allows for faster cleanup with many advantages over conventional absorbents.

COIRLOC Benefits:

  • All Natural Absorbent
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Silica FREE
  • Absorbs 7 Times More Than Clay Absorbents
  • Cost Effective with Reduced Disposal Costs
  • Lightweight, SAFE & Easy to Use
  • Improves Workplace Safety
COIRLOC - All Natural Commercial and Industrial Absorbent

COIR LOCKER - Responsive Spill Station
COIRLOCKER Mobile Spill Responsive Stations
COIRLOCKER Mobile Spill Response Stations:
  • Various Sizes & Types of Spill Stations for Many Commercial & Industrial Applications
  • Spill Products Include COIRLOC with Additional Absorbent Products for Spill Cleanup & Control
  • COIRLOCKER Contains the Necessary Tools for Spill Cleanups
  • Patent Pending

EMAIL US: INFO@ECOPRO.COM | 216.232.4040

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